New Review- The Fragile Ordinary by Samantha Young

I don’t usually read young adult romance because the teenage “angst” seems so far away but having faith in Samantha Young’ s writing I read this book and for that I am so happy! “The Fragile Ordinary” is anything but ordinary and it’s about the fragile relationships between complex characters.This is a story about family, friendship, love and finding yourself.

Comet is a girl that prefers her books and poetry than parties. Neglected by her parents and sometimes criticized by her friends she feels lonely and left out until she meets the new American boy.

Tobias has left the U.S. with his mom for a new beginning but he is so angry that he doesn’t care about school, grades or anything meaningful. When he is forced to work with Comet for an assignment, he realizes that he wants more from her and for himself.

This story is more than a love one. I admired seeing the balance between the characters. I loved reading about the growth of them and how much love and courage changed them. The dynamics between all of them is fascinating.

Comet is a lovely girl. She is a bookworm like us so she is easy to connect to. She is strong, independent and throughout the book you can see her metamorphosis. She is like a beautiful butterfly that spreads her wings and fly high. I admired her will and the fact that she didn’t change her being. She stays true to herself and her beliefs.

Tobias is the classic bad boy who hides his true wants. He is loyal, protective and a little mysterious. He makes mistakes but he admits them and he is easily forgiven.

The secondary characters are in no way secondary. The author has written all of them with so many layers that you feel invested in them. They just add to the greatness of this book.

I would never expect to love a YA so much but this story spoke to my heart. It might be about teenagers but it provokes deep feelings and you can sympathize with the characters’ journey. Although I am used to loving this author’s contemporary romance, I will definitely read her future young adult novels. This goes on my top favorites!

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