New Review- Ghosted by J.M. Darhower

I am not new to J.M. Darhower but the truth is that I haven’t read all of her books. New or not fan, this is a book that every romance lover should read. Ghosted is a second chance romance that will destroy you and heal you. All the regrets, the disappointment, the redemption and love poor from the pages. Only a few words in sentences will make your heart beat faster and the pain and the journey to forgiveness bleed from the pages.

Kennedy was just a girl when she met and fell in love with Jonathan. She was her first everything, her first crush, her first sexual partner and her biggest disappointment. She would follow him at the end of the earth as long as he loved her but his addiction to drugs and alcohol drove her away alone and pregnant. Now years later, she is just a mom living a quiet life but with an armor of steel.

Jonathan was a boy lost until he found Kennedy. He didn’t know what love was but then she gave him everything but somehow it was not enough to fill all the void in his soul. Now he is a famous actor having fame, money and everything he desires but he only wants one thing, a second chance. A chance to know his daughter and get back the love of his life.

This story is a second chance romance at its finest. I don’t usually cry with books but this one with just a few words made my tears run. Not because it was dramatic but the characters were so beautifully created that their words were raw and real.

A young love turns into forever love but the road is not easy. The characters have to grow up first and realize what truly matters. Jonathan is flawed but his redemption is so much sweeter. He soon finds out that his family deserves his time, his attention, his love. He is sensitive, caring and so attentive. Kennedy is such a strong woman. She is resilient, responsible and forgiving. Their little girl is adorable and offers so much to their love story. She is the glue that unites them and brings them closer.

Ghosted became one of my top favorite books of this year. J.M. Darhower wrote one of the most emotional and deeply felt love stories. After reading this book,  I was ready to burst from all the feels. I highly recommend it…

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