New Review- Hello Stranger by Lisa Kleypas

Lisa Kleypas is my favorite historical romance author and Hello Stranger is such a great addition to her amazing books! I was captivated by this unique story about a woman who defied her time and a man that stole her heart.

Dr. Garrett Gibson is the only woman physician in England and she is focused on her work. She has no time for marriage, affairs or temptations… until Ethan Ransom. Ethan can give her pleasure without demanding anything else and that’s perfect in her eyes.

Ethan, a former detective in Scotland Yard and now a spy, hides in the shadows of England’s streets and he trusts only himself. He is dangerous, mysterious and secretive. His life has no room for the brilliant doctor but fate brings them together again and again.

I loved Garrett’s character. She is independent, opinionated and she follows her own rules. She is smart and feisty and she might be different than the average heroine but she is so interesting. Although, she is strong and she can hold her own, she has her vulnerabilities and a softer side that shows to Ethan.

Ethan is nothing you expect. Despite he is an assassin, a man born into poverty he has a heart so sweet. His words are so romantic and he balances so nicely the aloofness of Garrett. He is irresistible and his Irish origin makes him swoony. He is a killer with a soul of a poet.

Their relationship is sweet and exciting and you will melt with some of their scenes.

I have to say that I am really intrigued by a secondary character and I cannot wait to read his story. Also, there are cameos from several characters from previous books and that’s always nice to read about.

Lisa Kleypas knows how to write historical romance books that are always engaging. I am so excited about the next one about the Devil’s Daughter!

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