New Review- Hot Shot by Karina Halle

Three brothers, a painful past and their journey of finding their happily ever after… Karina Halle wrote a series full of emotions but Hot Shot was the most heartbreaking one! It’s a book about two best friends that become lovers but it’s deep and emotional.

Delilah has always been in love with her best friend, Fox. It’s just more than a crush, a love that she cannot get over although Fox has never given her a chance. She cannot move on with her life even if he sees her just as a friend.

Fox knows how to fight with the flames as a firefighter but he never learned to get away from the ghosts of his past. He is drowning in alcohol and painkillers but he is finding peace through his best friend, Delilah. She is a ray of sunshine into his dark world.

When a fateful night brings them together suddenly everything becomes more complicated. Delilah hopes to win his heart and Fox depends on her to silence his nightmares. Their journey is anything but easy. It will break your heart but in the end you will feel better although your soul will be a little bruised.

Delilah is such a wonderful girl. She is so open to Fox and she offers him everything. She just needs to be loved back. Sometimes I felt sorry for her but overall I admired her. She never gives up even if their relationship is hard and she remains strong. I loved that she respects herself and although she lives sometimes in sadness she makes the best of the situation.

Fox is a good man but a troubled one. He is grouchy, gruff and although he says little the things he says are so heartwarming. He doesn’t understand the sorrow he brings to Delilah and his family and that makes you forgive him. He has to love himself first and then he can love the others and it’s hard to see but it works. He is hardworking, strong but also vulnerable. I think all his problems come from the fact that he is the most sensitive one between the brothers.

If you have followed my reviews, you know I am not fond of angst but this book touched me. I would have loved to see them happy sooner but they are a couple you like to see together. You don’t get angry with their mistakes and you just wait patiently for these two to overcome their problems.

I am sorry to see this series ending but the beautiful epilogue this author wrote will leave you content because these brothers found their soulmates and you know that they will have a happy life.

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