New Review- The Hunter by Kerrigan Byrne

I loved “The Highwayman”, book 1 of the Victorian Rebels, and after reading “The Hunter” it was only proved that nothing was by chance. Kerrigan Byrne writes beautifully historical romance books and if you are like me that adore anti-heroes , she is an author that crafts the most delicious scoundrels.

Christopher Argent is a cold blooded killer. After a painful childhood he is nothing but ice-hearted with a reputation of being a ruthless hunter. He never misses his mark and he gives no explanations. He is a ghost that lives by his own rules until a beautiful woman turns his life upside down. Although, he is ordered to kill her he only wants to kiss her and his mission becomes impossible.

Millie is a famous theatre actress and she is devoted to her job and to her son. She is open to be admired by everyone but she is full of secrets no one can know. When her life is in danger she never would have guessed she would trust an assassin to protect her but the price is very high.

I have to say that Argent won me over with his transformation. I love tortured heroes and he had a painful past that will make you feel sorry for him and understand him better. Little by little he shows that he has a heart full of feelings and his hard image was born because of circumstances. He appears to be a man that has no heart but the man is ready to burst from his explosive emotions. He is protective, caring and possessive.

Millie on the other hand is an understanding heroine and very helpful. In the beginning of the book I was not fond of her because she was a little reckless and I could not understand how she could like a man that is ready to kill her but slowly she shows that she is just open with her heart and ready to love.

Millie’s son was a nice addition and the scenes with Argent just proved how much the hunter changed. I loved the scenes between Argent and Dorian, the hero from the previous book and it gave them another depth to their brotherhood.

I am becoming addicted to this series and I cannot wait to read the next book of this series about a powerful highlander and a woman a little damaged.

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