New Review- Infinite Us by Eden Butler

When you choose blindly a book without reading the blurb, you expect a love story where a man meets and falls in love with a woman and they live their happily ever after. I picked this one because of its fantastic cover and I was so wrong about how the story would go. Eden Butler wrote a book that is unique and has originality. It’s about love away from the confinements of time and space.

Nash is a man that believes in science, technology and logic. His only passion is his job and he never lets anyone pass the walls he has built around him. He has lived a lonely life with his only support his sister and he will not have anyone disrupting his dreams of becoming successful… even if this disruption is a beautiful woman.

Willow is a girl positive, always helping and believing in the outer forces of the universe. When her neighbor knocks on her door to complain about her music, she sees his dark aura and she feels a deep magnetism to this man. She wants to help him but he resists her all the way.

When they have some strange dreams, they will both soon realize that their attraction is more than it seems. The past and present are woven tightly and their love surpasses everything they know and understand.

Nash is a man with a difficult upbringing and his worldview is so different than Willow’s. He cannot explain what happens to him but the connection to this colorful girl cannot be denied. I understand his skepticism but I love the way Willow is facing her life. I would have liked to see them knowing each other better and feeling their bond in their present despite of their past.

The flashes of the past are what I loved the most in this book. The issue of the race is central in the story and it moved me seeing what the characters had to go through. They fight for their being together against the world and their journey is powerful.

Eden Butler took a risk with this story and it was successful. This book is about endless love through time, about connection of people written in their fate and in the stars! If you want something different, then “Infinite Us” is the perfect way to escape from anything usual!

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