New Review- Fighting with Honor by K.C. Lynn

Jaxson stole our hearts in Fighting Temptation and now he is back to protect what’s his! K.C. Lynn never disappoints and this novella is everything!!! It’s a fantastic story full of angst, adventure, love, family and friendship!

Jaxson has fought for his country but there is nothing more important than fighting for his family. When an unexpected enemy threatens his wife and his daughter, he will do anything to protect them.

This novella will make you smile but also cry. This is such an emotional story and it manages in just a few pages to get you anxious and excited! This is a story that will put your heart in a rollercoaster.

Jaxson still is the same man, the hot sexy alpha male with the softest spot for his family. We see their dynamic in their family where Jules tames the beast and where their cute daughter gives Jax the chance to be a lovely dad. Of course, the man has not changed so much, so we see his sexy side and this man is HOT!!!

As always, when K.C. writes a story, it is not only based on a couple but there is family not related by blood ready to support them. All the gang is back and it is always a pleasure to see their close relationship.

“Men of Honor” series is one of my favorites and this novella is the perfect addition to this addictive series! When an author has the ability to make you swoon and feel deeply in a short novella that means true talent! Prepare yourselves for a phenomenal ride!

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