New Review- Justice by K.C. Lynn

K.C. Lynn strikes again! Justice is a book with all the elements this author gives us usually , only it’s grittier, faster and sexier! I devoured it and as always it made me want more.

Ryanne is a girl born into a family where bloodlines and old money worth everything. Her parents hate her without reason and she is a disappointment to them when she has not done anything and she only wants their love. She has always been intrigued by the mysterious Creed brothers but her heart is dedicated to Justice.

Justice never knew what family meant until he found his brothers and the man who helped them and raised them as his own. For him family comes first even if he is attracted to a sweet girl. A big secret though brings his life upside down and together with Ryanne they have to find a new way to make things work.

Justice is a man loyal, serious and caring. He is the one who has the role of the big brother and works as the glue between these men. He has this mystery around him that is attractive and he sure is lethal.

Ryanne on the other hand is a girl sweet with a strong backbone. She is not afraid to say her opinion and resists bad boy Justice and that made me laugh. I love strong heroines who also have a vulnerable side.

Their relationship is fast , explosive and hot. Now I have to tell you something you will be wondering about from the start about these brothers. There is the rumor that these brothers share their women and it’s true. There is a scene in the book involving these men and Ryanne and though it is not my cup of tea , you will see that the author gives us this scene for us to understand better the dynamics of these brothers. It’s more emotional heavy than erotic although the forbidden aspect makes it hot.

I am truly intrigued by his brothers especially Knox and I cannot wait to read their stories. Also the secondary characters are wonderful especially their step dad and a little girl the story has.

If you have loved KC ‘ s other series Men of Honor you will definitely like this too!

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