New Review- Landon and Shay:Part Two by Brittainy C. Cherry

I absolutely fell in love with Landon and Shay as teenagers and I was so anxious to see their reunion in this book. Part One was one of the best books I have read this year so my expectations were pretty high for their second chance.

Landon and Shay have moved on with their lives but circumstances bring them close once again. Landon is a famous Hollywood actor and Shay still chases her dreams. When he is back, he is ready to win her over but Shay has been so hurt by their past, she leaves her walls high up.

I love the fact that these two grew up in their time apart. Landon has always fought depression but he is stronger, more determined and more tuned to other people’s feelings. Landon is a person who has a mental illness with its ups and downs and I loved that the author showed that depression did not define him. Shay is still a caring, sensitive and supporting woman. I found her though at times a little harsh and cold with her decisions.

In book one their relationship between these two characters made me love it so much. There was a deep connection, a bond unbreakable. Unfortunately, this time there was not one that convinced me. During the book we see them trying to get back together and I wanted to see them move on as a real couple. I wanted to read more about their togetherness than their struggles and their mistakes. Their healing and closure felt a little rushed.

The epilogue though is pretty sweet and I have to admit that I loved some of the scenes where we see them as individuals with the secondary characters.

Although, part two was not my favorite, their story needs to be read because part one is everything you desire from a romance book. Brittainy C. Cherry is wonderful with her words and her quotes always stay in my heart!

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