New Review- Lead Me Home by A.L. Jackson

I have just finished Lead Me Home by A.L. Jackson and I have a sweet smile on my face , satisfaction running into my veins and a little yearning for more. If you have read this series I am sure you have been waiting for this book and let me tell you it is the perfect ending!

Nikki has been forever in love with Ollie. He is her biggest crush but this beast of a man keeps himself closed and her away. It is time to finally move on but her heart always comes back to him.

Ollie wants the sassy girl but he cannot have her. His mind is stuck to his past as he is drowning in grief and guilt. When danger threatens Nikki though , he is the one who has to protect her. Can he shield her through from hurting her?

In this book the author gives us all the answers. We see their past relationship and why now there is more than it seems. Their love is not simple but it is haunted by ghosts that come back on the surface.

Nikki is known to be independent with humor but here she is depicted as a woman sensitive, vulnerable. She might be strong and empathetic but her heart is wide open to Ollie even if she knows that she can damage her. I loved that she didn’t give up but she was there to fight for their love.

Ollie is a tortured man and that’s completely understandable because loss changes you. He cannot give his whole heart when he feels that his is missing with his sister. He has to forgive himself first and Nikki is there to support him. His feelings and his pain are obvious that you will be a little heartbroken.

Their relationship is sweet and sexy. If I had one word to describe it that would be inevitable. These two are meant to be together. They have their ups and downs but not once you will doubt their bond. My book is filled with highlights. Their story is soulful and their words filled with love.

If the author would tell me that this series would continue forever , I would be happy. I want more and I am sad to see these characters go but I imagine that they are living their lives happily. After all, A.L. Jackson knows how to hook you with her words and I am positive that her next series will be as addictive as this one!

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