New Review- How the Light Gets In by L.H. Cosway

L.H. Conway does it again! She wrote a book about family, friendship , hope and most of all love! This duet is magical with ordinary people that live an ordinary life but a love so unique that will touch you deeply.

Dylan and Evelyn were just teenagers when they fell in love when life happened. Eleven years later they have moved on but fate brings them back together. Dylan has become the successful businessman he always meant to be but Ev is just a little lost. Their bond still remains strong but this girl has to find happiness again with herself first and then find it with Dylan.

Evelyn has lost her positive thinking she had and in this book she tries to rediscover herself. She takes it step by step and although it’s a slow process , with the help of Dylan she feels content again. It’s not easy to see her struggle when Dylan is so open but every person is different so I can understand her reluctance to get back with him even if I didn’t like it. I admired her selflessness and the fact she wanted to see everyone around her happy. Also, she has a great sense of humor.

Dylan is one of the best heroes I have read. He is honest, caring and lovely. He spreads his heart and he doesn’t give up. From the start he is devoted to her and his love is so deep.I loved that he did anything to woo her and win her over. Not only that he also boosted her confidence helping her find a new purpose and new goals. The man is a true romantic and he definitely steals the show with his heartwarming actions and his meaningful words.

The secondary characters are the cherry on top because they are so beautifully written.

Once again this author showed me why she is one of my favorites. I have tears and a smile on my face after reading this duet. This is a deeply emotional story that will stay into my heart.

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