New Review- Logan by Jay Mclean

Jay McLean I have one question for you… Why did you do this to us? Sniff sniff… I have been waiting for Logan’s story for so long and this story wrecked me. This is an emotional  rollercoaster… I laughed at the beginning, I swooned in the middle and towards the end I was ready to smash my tablet and finally I cried and cried. I need a hug after reading it.

This book is a standalone but if you are a fan of this author like me, you would certainly have been waiting for this hero’s chance to love. Logan has been the funny kid but now at 19 he is changed. He is the failure of his family, a stoner. He doesn’t do relationships and his only devotion is to Mary, his weed. When, a red headed girl steals his attention , he feels confused but excited but can he break his bad habits for love?

Aubrey is new in this little town, she has no friends but seeks for a new start for her life. She is completely mesmerized by the beautiful boy but she doesn’t know if she wants to kiss him or kill him. She fights with herself but she cannot simply resist to this mysterious boy.

Logan literally broke me. He is in war with himself. He has to choose between his addiction to drugs and his attraction to Aubrey. His journey is so hard and heartbreaking. His choices are bad and you might not even forgive him for his actions but when his secrets are revealed you will hurt with and for him. You will mourn for the loss of his pure and happy soul and you will root for his redemption although his moves are hard to swallow. Logan is self destructive and though he hurts those he loves, I understand that he cannot forget his past and pain is his only choice.

Aubrey is one of my favorite girls this author has written. She is smart, kind and generous. I love her humor and that she shares so freely her heart. I admire her because she forgives Logan’s mistakes and she moves forward. She is strong and sassy and her relationship with Lachlan, Logan’s youngest brother is amazing.

The side characters are always the best and little Lachlan is a breath of fresh air in this story.

This author knows how to bring all the feelings. Her writing that flows so easily keeps playing with your heart and although, this is not a perfect couple, it’s a perfect life lesson; in order to love someone you have to love firstly yourself and Logan is the greatest example of this. Try this book but don’t forget the tissues.

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