New Review- Most of All You by Mia Sheridan

Mia Sheridan has a special place into my heart after reading Archer’s Voice. I have loved all her books that are full of quiet intensity and Most of All You has the same emotional impact. This story is about two broken people and their healing through love.

Crystal has only known disappointment and pain. She is alone in this world and the people who were supposed to love her hurt her and abandoned her. Her only choice is to stay cold and detached from all the feelings that could bring her down. Sometimes though life surprises us and an “angel” comes to love her and protect her unconditionally. She just has to open herself up.

Gabriel has learned that everything can change in the blink of an eye. He has known torture but he has never given up. He has his scars but he won’t allow to darkness to overcome his hope for living. When, the lonely girl appears in his path, he chooses her, he chooses to love.

Circumstances bring them together but their broken hearts will click. They have a long journey of letting go of their pasts but their bond glues all their weak parts.

Gabriel is a hero quiet, steady, solid. He has an inner goodness in him and he is bold in how he loves. He is not afraid to risk his heart and I love how much he is so in tune with the heroine’s needs. He is respectful of her wishes and he knows without words what he should do to help her.

Crystal is hardened by the world. She is a girl damaged, reserved, insecure. Although, Gabriel stole my heart with his kindness, Crystal was the one who intrigued me. Layer by layer she opens her soul and I admire her effort to be better and to love again. She is the one who grows in this story and matures.

“Most of All You” is a unique story of acceptance, forgiveness and love. A meaningful book about healing and the choices you make that will captivate you!

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