New Review- Sick Fux by Tillie Cole

Tillie Cole is one of my top favorite authors but this book stunned me. I was like sick…sick…sick…fux…fux…fux … what am I reading? I have no words. This is the most twisted story I have ever read. It’s like born from nightmares. It’s dark, graphic, shocking. I don’t even know if I truly liked it but it surely captivated me.

This is a book about Ellis and Heathen, a couple haunted by their tortured past that takes their revenge in the worst way. It’s based on Alice in Wonderland but grittier. You will be down on the rabbit hole full of darkness, death and a strange love story.

You should follow this author’s warnings saying that this book has some explicit scenes that are not for everyone. This is just for fans of dark romance. It’s like reading about Joker and Harley or Bonnie and Clyde and their strange love affair.

Both characters are crazy, psycho killers but somehow you root for them and you don’t feel bad about their extreme actions. Their love is shining above all and you hurt with them and feel satisfied with their redemption through the murders.

As always this author grabs your attention with the side characters and I am hoping we will see more about them.

I won’t say more about the story itself but if you are in the mood for an edgy, unique book that is filled with “bloodied” pages, then by all means… dive into this rabbit hole.

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