New Review- Lost in Between by K.L. Kreig

After reading “Black Swan Affair” last year which became one of my top favorite books of all times, I couldn’t resist reading this new story by K.L. Kreig. Although, it finishes with a cliffhanger that I usually avoid, my only thought is why didn’t I know this author sooner? This book is exciting, thrilling, erotic!

Willow lives a double life; a devoted daughter in the morning and an escort in the night, she is lost between these two words. After a tragic past regarding her family, she is forced to work as a girl who gives her time but not her body to the rich and famous, so as to earn some extra cash.

Shaw is a man confident, controlling and sometimes pushy. He rules the business world but his only weakness is his family and he will do anything for them, even if that means finding a “fake” girlfriend.

Willow finds Shaw almost condescending and arrogant, but he turns her on like no one can. He takes what he wants and that is her and he will do anything to own her. Their attraction is electrifying and when they will finally share their bodies, they will burn like an inferno. They are both unattainable and anti-relationship but their feelings are so vast that will take them in a wild journey of sexiness and love.

I loved both characters. Willow is confident but at the same unassuming. She is smart, funny and sassy. Although, she doesn’t give up, she is vulnerable in so many aspects. She is guarding her thoughts and her hurt but there are times that all this pain reflects in her actions and in her words that you just want to hug her. Shaw on the other hand is a man that reeks of “alphaness”. He is bossy, hot, demanding and has the best dirty mouth. He wants to possess her and uncover all her secrets. Despite his rough exterior, he is a man protective, caring and thoughtful.

Their relationship is intense, scorching hot but also deep. There are times that your panties will be set on fire and others that you will see their explosive love. The surest thing is that you will not get bored with their story!

Also, I have to say that the twist in the end left me surprised and wanting more!

My only problem?! I have to wait until May to see the conclusion to this beautiful crafted book! K.L. Kreig might be a new author to me but she is becoming one of my favorites!

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