New Review- Beauty of the Beast by Rachel L. Demeter

The years have passed but I cannot still get over the weakness I have for fairytales. “Beauty of the Beast” is a retelling of the original one missing the talking objects but without lacking the magic of love.

Prince Adam has lost everything; his family, his innocence and the will to truly live. Isolated from the world, he survives in a dark castle with his only companion his loyal dog. Haunted by nightmares and scarred to his body and his soul, he lives in a world of darkness until a beautiful girl fills him with light.

Isabelle might be poor but her heart is full of tenderness and kindness. Running away from an evil man  who is disguised behind a handsome exterior, she finds shelter into a castle owned by a beast. She is frightened by the disfigured man but some part of herself is intrigued by the haunted man.

Isabelle gives hope and comfort to Adam and he gives her protection and everything she desires. Slowly, they start to trust each other and their attraction and love burns quietly until it bursts.

Isabelle is a woman confident, strong and likeable. Adam though is the one that steals the show. He is a man caring, sensitive and protective. His love shines and the way he gives it wholeheartedly to her is endearing.

I liked their story but I have to say it is a slow burn romance. I would have liked to see them closer and as a couple a little sooner. There are sexual scenes , but they are limited and I missed their deeper connection throughout the story.

The writing is good but as it is a historical book, the story is a little bit more descriptive and repetitive for my taste. Despite that, I read it in one sitting as it is an interesting one. Also, I have to say that the beginning of this story is really powerful and heartbreaking and the epilogue sweet and hopeful.

If you like fairytales edgier and darker but with the pace of an original one, you can try this one! This author is new to me but I will gladly read her next story based on another fairytale.

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