New Review- The Hot One by Lauren Blakely

If I had to say one thing about Lauren Blakely’s books is that they make me just happy. Every story is sexy, funny and will totally make you swoon!

Tyler had made a mistake and let the “One” for him get away. When he sees Delaney again, he suddenly remembers how much he truly loves her and how much he misses her. He will do anything to win a second chance even if that means stripping his soul and his body bear!

Delaney has done anything to forget her arrogant ex but there was always something about Tyler that she couldn’t resist.  When he tries to have her back, she wants to guard her heart but he uses all his tricks to win her over.

Tyler is a confident, sexy man that is not afraid of risks. He doesn’t know how to take no for an answer and he comes up with the best dirty and sweet ideas to conquer Delaney. He is funny, flirty and hot, hot, hot! Also, he is so caring with his niece which is just adorable and that shows another aspect of his personality.

Delaney on the other hand is a sassy, clever woman that shows vulnerability because of her past hurt.She knows not to depend on any man as they all have failed her,so it is difficult to share her feelings again with a man that broke her. She has a great cycle of friends that is there for her and I loved that although she is afraid, she is not bitter.

This might be a slow burn romance but the book doesn’t lack the usual steaminess that Lauren knows how to give. Their banter is like foreplay and their need for each other heightens their passion.

The thing I admired most is that Lauren made these two characters mature. They always had things in common but now they are ready to fully trust each other and share their secrets and their insecurities. They connect in a deeper level.

If you like second chance romance books, then this story is perfect for you! It has the perfect blend of sexiness, fun and heart!


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