New Review- Make Me Yours by Melanie Harlow

During these difficult times we are all going through, Melanie Harlow comes with a book that will make you forget everything for a while! Make Me Yours brought a smile on to my face and made me fan myself with its fun and hot storyline!

Cole is a widower with a little daughter and a cop in the small town of Bellamy Creek. He is devoted to his kid and his job and he has no time for other distractions.

Cheyenne never thought that she would be unmarried and living with her mom in her thirties, but here she is. The only bright spot is that she is living next to her “forever” crush, officer Cole Mitchell. He is her brother’s best friend and off limits but a girl can dream.

One accidental “sext” brings them closer and they burn the sheets. It’s difficult though to leave their feelings out of the equation, so their plans come upside down.

Cole and Cheyenne firstly become friends with benefits and the author turned the knots up. This book is so hot!!!

Afterwards, when they start to feel deeper for each other, Melanie surprises us with reverting the roles as we know. Cheyenne is a mature woman who asks for what she wants and that is something I really admired. She might love Cole for a while but she respects herself. Cole on the other hand has lost his first wife so he has this inner fear to lose those he loves. Although, the book starts as funny and sexy, I liked that we see later on how Cole struggles with loss and grief. You just want to give the man a hug and then push him to see what is in front of him.

This book is about love, healing and being willing to fight for your soulmate!

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