New Review- Making Up by Lucy Parker

Lucy Parker returns with her adorable, clever writing and Making Up is the perfect, sweet romance story set in the glamorous West End, where there are fireworks on and off the stage.

Trix is a circuit artist and tries to hang on after a painful experience with her ex. She has lost herself, her confidence and self-esteem but when she has to replace the protagonist of the show, she has to move forward or fail. If only her life nemesis weren’t the new make up artist, everything would be easier.

Leo is one of the best in the industry of special effects but his magic cannot work on the spirited girl. For years they have been annoying each other but love is so close to hate and these two live to hate each other until they are not…

This is an enemies to lovers story and although their relationship is really antagonizing you can see their attraction. When these two start to spend time together, you realize how good they can be as a couple. They are different but they complete each other perfectly.

Trix is a snarky, sassy girl who hides her true self and her pain behind a feisty attitude. She is a pint sized girl who has a big personality. Sometimes she is a little immature but I liked that she knew that she was acting a little crazy but she couldn’t help herself. Leo is the sweetest hero. He is solid, caring and really understanding. He respects her boundaries and not once does he pressure her. He fights for what he wants and he is a man that knows his desires.

Lucy Parker knows how to write humorous books and Making Up will make you smile with this fun couple and keep you enchanted by the magical world of London’s finest theatre.

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