New Review- Loving Irish by Katy Regnery

Loving Irish is everything you want from a second chance romance! It’s a story with a couple that is given another chance to love and life. It’s heartwarming, really sweet and soulful. I didn’t think I could cherish it like Smiling Irish, which I totally recommend, but I was so wrong!

Ian had found the love of his life at seventeen but he made a terrible mistake and lost her. After that he drowned his sorrows in alcohol, he lost himself too. Ten years later, he has just found his way again and he takes slow steps moving forward. The only thing he doesn’t let go is his devotion to Hallie and now that she is back, he is ready to make some amends.

Hallie has only been hurt by the men in her life and now she has a broken marriage, a daughter that doesn’t speak to her and a house that is ready to fall down. When Ian volunteers to help with the repairs , she feels confused, angry but she has no choice but to accept. Slowly and steadily she realizes that Ian is not the same boy she remembered and she has to decide if she can forgive him. Her mind is scared but her heart still wants him.

From book one I felt sorry for Ian but after reading his story I was so sad for him but also happy that he found love again. Their past was devastating but their present really touching. It’s a story about forgiveness and healing.

I loved both characters especially Ian. They both have grown up and matured. I admired their attitude and I understood Hallie’s reluctance. She is a strong, sensitive woman with a daughter that is adorable.  Katy Regnery wrote a beautiful hero with a soul a little broken but so full of emotions. You could feel his deep love and his respect to her. There is something about tortured men that declare their love that makes me melt and Ian will definitely do that. Also, did I mention that Ian is Irish, right? His love words spoken in Irish was like a poem and a balm to my heart. Pure romance!!!

Katy Regnery never disappoints me with her books and now that I saw that she is going to write a novella about their Irish cousin, I am so excited! I would love to see an end where everyone is happy with their soulmates. It would be the cherry on the top! Grab this series so you can devour this delicious Irish family!

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