New Review- Marriage for One by Ella Maise

Marriage for One by Ella Maise is one of the best books I have read this year! Arranged marriage has become one of my favorite tropes and this slow burn romance full of attraction and yearning is amazing!

Rose and Jack are two strangers until one agreement makes them husband and wife. Jack is one cold and detached man and he has no room for a woman bubbly and chatty like Rose. She is determined though to break his walls and earn his smiles.

These two are nothing alike. Jack appears as a little aloof and serious and Rose is always with a smile on her face. They are completely different but I adore how much they care for each other.

Jack might be too gruff and silent in the beginning but this kind of heroes are my favorite because every little touch counts. This book is long and full of small moments which all together mean so much. Jack will really steal your heart. He is so supportive and caring despite his grumpy attitude. I was anxiously waiting for every one of his romantic moves. I can definitely say I fell completely in love with him.

Rose is a girl independent, cute and quirky. She pushes Jack’s buttons a lot and sometimes you might find her annoying but you will like her nonetheless.

If you like things to move fast and your books filled with sensual scenes , then this story is not for you.

If though you love small gestures and sexual tension, then you will want to read this book! I adore these books where you see slowly how a couple falls in love and Jack and Rose are destined to be together!

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