New Review- Mastering Her Senses by Laura Kaye

Laura Kaye has taken an impressive turn into erotic romance and I have to say that I love it! This series is about the Masters and their submissive women in a BDSM club and Quinton, the fun bartender is about to find his perfect girl in “Mastering Her Senses”.

If you have read this series that I completely recommend as I have all loved all the books, you will certainly be excited about the thrill seeker Quinton and his turn to find love.

Quinton is one of the masters and owners of Blasphemy, the BDSM club, and his specialty is sense-depriving scenarios that steal the submissives’minds. He has not got any steady relationships and he is all about playing but when he sees his friends getting their perfect mates suddenly he wants a girl just for him.

When an accident in her job leaves Cassia afraid of the dark, she’ll try anything to get back her life. Her fears have made her forget of her past exciting self and she will do anything to get it back… Even if that means trusting the Dom she has always crushed on.

Quinton is intrigued by the scared little sub and helping her will become his next mission. He will use all his tricks on her so she can fight her demons gifting her in the same time with all the pleasure. Mastering her senses will make him satisfied but mastering her heart will make him happy!

Their journey to their happiness is so fascinating. Quinton is a man sweet, funny and playful. Although he is a Dom, he is a man with humor and he uses his dominance only in the bedroom. Cassia is a woman curious, brave and she has a free spirit that matches Quinton perfectly.

Their sex scenes are scorching hot and they will set you on fire but the thing I love the most is the time they spend outside the club. They are an ordinary couple that is adventurous inside and outside of it. Their banter is spectacular and though the first books of this series are a little heavier, I love the lightness of this one. There is no drama and it is all about the couple getting to know each other and fall in love!

I have to congratulate Laura Kaye that has taken this risk of venturing into BDSM play and she has done it so successfully. This series is a gem and doesn’t focus only in sex although it is hot but also in the emotional side of this kind of relationship. It’s all about trust, care and love! I cannot wait for the next Master that specializes in exhibitionism as he will make the darkest fantasies reality for his girl!

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