New Review- Wardrobe Malfunction by Samantha Towle

Samantha Towle knows how to write emotional, heavy stories but this time she took a leap and wrote a romantic comedy and she did it successfully. This is a light-hearted, funny book with two adorable characters that will leave you laughing and happy!

Vaughn is one of the greatest actors in Hollywood. He is young, successful and gorgeous. His life is doing great until his failure in his relationship is broadcasted for everyone to know. He is hurt, disappointed and out of control. He is drowning his troubles in booze and women and his stardom is falling. When his manager convinces him to quit the sex and the alcohol and start a new big movie, he takes the chance. He only has to stay away from all the temptations and focus on his career. Easier said than done when a sexy colorful girl “pins” his interest!

Charly has always dreamed becoming a fashion designer but for now she works as a wardrobe assistant. When she is assigned to the player Vaughn, she doesn’t know how to get over her little crush until he shows her that he is a rude, arrogant actor! She wants to kill him literally and with kisses! What will it be?

As these two spend time together, none can resist their attraction. Their sexual chemistry is sizzling, sparkles fly and soon they tangle in the sheets. No one can know, so they keep their relationship on the down low for the public but when they are alone they are burning.

Soon the easy relationship turns into something deeper but Charly has a secret that can destroy them both. Can Vaughn trust her or is this going to be the next failure for the tabloids?

Vaughn is everything you imagine when you hear about a Hollywood actor. He is a smartass, confident and sexy. I loved that behind the star, there is a man that loves his family and his hometown and he is more down to earth than what you expect. He has a great sense of humor and he easily loves. He is kind and caring towards Charly and the first to want to give their relationship a chance.

Charly is quirky and witty. She is a spitfire and she is not afraid to say what she wants. She doesn’t treat Vaughn as a Hollywood star but as a man that she is attracted to. She is funny and cool. She has a past that has hurt her and I wish she would confide more to Vaughn, so we could learn more about her family life.

I loved their relationship. Their back and forth is hilarious and when they spend time together, they are so cute! They have a friendship and I liked that their relationship progressed emotionally more slowly.

The thing I would have changed was the way Charly handled her secret. I wish she would have confided to Vaughn as he was always open to her thoughts. I would have preferred if their drama had come exclusively from the outside and not the way it went. I think he deserved her truth from the beginning and I wouldn’t be so forgiving in his spot. Nonetheless, their problem ended quickly, so that’s something.

Overall, this is a great story if you want to have some fun and you will definitely laugh with their humorous banter! I love when this author writes emotionally charged books but I will surely read another romantic comedy from her!

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