New Review- Royally Matched by Emma Chase

I think all readers’ love for romance started with fairytales and I am glad that there are authors like Emma Chase that can write contemporary stories with the same vibe. Royally Matched is a modern fairytale with a fun-loving  Prince and a lovely, shy girl.

Henry has a carefree life until he is to become the next king of his country. Suddenly he cannot focus on the next party and his own pleasure but he has to abide and follow the rules. He is no longer the favorite kid of his grandma, the Queen, but now he is a disappointment to her over and over again. As all he does now is read the law and the politics, he is ready for a last hooray. Being a part of a reality show to find his next queen sounds fun except love finds him unexpectedly.

Sarah loves her quiet life. She works at a library, she is a bookworm and hopes for her own hero. When her wild younger sister decides to go to the reality show, she is forced to accompany her to help her through. When she meets the unpredictable, naughty prince, she is attracted to him but he is the ultimate player. Can she trust him with her heart?

Henry soon realizes that this show is just an act and the timid girl can offer him so much more. They are totally different but they are good, caring and kind to each other. When the camera lights shut down, they are just two young people with fears, insecurities and in need of someone to lean on.

I loved them both individually and as a couple. Henry is passionate, generous, charming and with a great sense of humor. Sarah might appear as shy and bashful but she is optimistic and sassy with him. Their connection is deep and doesn’t depend only on the sexual aspect and their quiet times together won me over. There is true romance and love in this book.

If you want a sweet story that will leave you with a smile, then this romantic comedy will be perfect for you. Emma Chase continues writing fabulous books that are funny but also emotional without being heavy and I cannot wait to read the next book in this series of Royals.

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