New Review- Mixed Signals by B.K. Borison

I had seen B.K. Borison’s books all over social media , so it made me curious! I have been saying for the last months that I am searching for something new in romance and this author made me change my mind and I don’t say this negatively. What do I mean? As our heroine is a baker, I will say this; you search for the unique dessert with the exquisite taste but sometimes you need the best comfort one, like a butter croissant. This is a really heartwarming small town romance that makes you smile.

This book follows Layla and Caleb. Layla doesn’t have good experience with dating and she is over it. When she meets Caleb, they agree for a no-strings attached affair, so that they will both have a good time but also find what they do wrong in dating.

These two are perfect for each other. Layla is a sweet girl and Caleb is the perfect cinammon roll hero.I loved the dates that they had and the disasters they got through together. They are supportive to each other and everything runs smoothly until the “classic” break up which was something that could be solved with a little talking.

Although, I had not read the previous books in the series, I liked the secondary characters and the sense of friendship, close community and family. It definitely made me curious about the gruff farmer, so I might circle around and read the others too.

Mixed Signals will definitely not give you ones! This is a straightforward, lighthearted romance that is perfect for a quiet, relaxing evening!

Buy here: Mixed Signals (Lovelight Book 3) eBook : Borison, B.K.: Kindle Store

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