New Review- The Monday Girl by Julie Johnson

This book has anything I avoid; a cliffhanger, it’s a part of a duet and has an emotional love triangle. Nonetheless, Julie Johnson hooked me  and I read it in one sitting.

Kat is a girl abrasive, caustic, snarky. Her whole life her mother treats her as an investment and breaks down her spirit. She tries every time to please her and the only thing she succeeds is feeling inadequate.

When Wyatt, a wealthy investor in the film industry, lands her a role as the protagonist of a huge movie, her life changes. She has the chance to leave everything behind and start over. What she doesn’t know is that her co-star, Grayson, is there to steal her heart.

Kat is an amazing female character. She has a fire in her and behind the cool girl composure and beneath the surface, there is a girl that barely keeps it together. She is sassy, funny but she has the insecurities and fears every girl feels. She needs to be loved though she denies it and Grayson breaks her walls and a little bit of her heart. Although, she appears feisty and strong in the beginning,slowly we see a girl troubled and confused, as every woman has felt sometime in her life.

Grayson is a player, he is a little bit arrogant , the perfect Hollywood heartbreaker. I hated him a little but somehow loved him at the same time. He is the classical man denying his feelings but there are glimpses of him that show that he is more than it seems. He wants Kat but he doesn’t want commitment. He is like the bad boy that hides something with more meaning behind his carefree facade. I cannot wait to learn more about his secrets.

Their relationship is born on the set of their filming but the book focuses more on Kat’s journey to self discovery. It’s all about her thoughts and all she is going through. Also, Grayson might be an explosive force but there is also Wyatt, the quiet strength.

What can I say about Wyatt? He is a true friend to Kat,a gentleman.He is pure, genuine, solid, a man you can depend on. I hate that Julie Johnson make us love both men and someone will get hurt. We usually prefer the bad boys but Wyatt is the prince charming. The one man every woman wishes for.

The last thing I have to say is about the writing. Julie writes with humor as always but this story gets deeper too. There are life lessons in there. She presents us what all we women are going through to find love. She has taken parts of every woman and gives them to the characters, so you can connect with them. It is like reading about your life or a friend, something I really liked.

As for the end, you see the disaster coming but you are unable to stop it. This cliffhanger will leave you cursing and hoping for the next book to come soon. I cannot wait to see where book two will leave these amazing characters but the only thing I hope is for everyone to be happy. Julie Johnson matured in her writing and gave us a heartbreaking, true story that will leave your heart wounded but hopeful for the best.

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