• A

Amelie Fisher- The true story of Atticus and Hazel (Read my Review)

Ashley Kristen- Rock Chick Reawakening (Read my Review)

Aaron Celia- Blackwood (Read my Review)

Attar Leylah- Mists of The Serengeti (Read my Review)

Allen Dylan- Rise (Read my Review)

Ashley Kristen- The Deep End (Read my Review)

Ann Jewel E.- Look the Part (Read my Review)

Allen K.K. – Waterfall Effect (Read my Review)

Ashley Kristen- Wild Like the wind (Read my Review)

Aurora Belle- Raw Rebirth (Read my Review) 

Attar Leylah- Moti on the Water (Read my Review) 

  • B

Bielman Robin- Once Upon A Royal Christmas (Read my Review)

Bowen Sarina- Keepsake (Read my Review)

Blakely Lauren- Out of Bounds (Read my Review)

Barnard Laura- Adventurous Proposal (Read my Review)

Bennett Sawyer- Max (Read my Review)

Blakely Lauren- The Only One (Read my Review)

Bowen Sarina- Hard Hitter (Read my Review)

Blakely Lauren- Full Package (Read my Review)

Bowen Sarina & Kennedy Elle – Good Boy (Read my Review)

Blakely Lauren- The Hot One (Read my Review)

Bennett Sawyer – Roman (Read my Review)

Butler Eden – Infinite Us (Read my Review)

Bielman Robin- Talk British to Me (Read my Review)

Bowen Sarina & Kennedy Elle- Stay (Read my Review)

Bowen Sarina & Mayberry Sarah- Temporary (Read my Review)

Byrne Kerrigan- The Highwayman (Read my Review)

Blakely Lauren – Most Likely to Score (Read my Review)

Byrne Kerrigan- The Hunter (Read my Review)

Bromberg K.- Combust (Read my Review)

Bailey Tessa- Getaway Girl (Read my Review)

Bielman Robin – Too Hard to Resist (Read my Review)

Bennett Sawyer- The Pecker Briefs (Read my Review)

Byrne Kerrigan- The Duke with the Dragon Tattoo (Read my Review)

Bailey Tessa- Mouth to Mouth (Read my Review) 

Bromberg K.- Faking It (Read my Review) 

Bowen Sarina- Overnight Sensation (Read my Review) 

Bielman Robin &Beck Samanthe – Promise Me (Read my Review) 

Bielman Robin- Heartthrob (Read my Review) 

Bielman Robin- Sweet Talker (Read my Review) 

Byrne Kerrigan – How to Love a Duke in Ten Days (Read my Review) 

Bielman Robin- Hot Shot (Read my Review) 

Bailey Tessa- Love Her or Lose Her (Read my Review) 

Byrne Kerrigan- The Dark and Stormy Knight (Read my Review) 

Bailey Tessa- This Time Tomorrow (Read my Review) 

Bromberg K.-  Hard to Handle (Read my Review) 

Bailey Tessa- Tools of Engagement (Read my Review) 

Byrne Kerrigan- The Earl of Christmas Past (Read my Review) 

Byrne Kerrigan- Courting Trouble (Read my Review) 

  • C  

Cherry Brittainy C. – The Silent Waters (Read my Review)

Clayton Alice &Bocci Nina – Roman Crazy (Read my Review)

Cosway L.H. – Thief of Hearts (Read my Review) 

Crownover Jay- Honor (Read my Review)

Chase Emma- Royally Screwed (Read my Review)

Contreras Claire- The Player (Read my Review)

Callihan Kristen- Managed (Read my Review)

Coryell Dallas- Melody’s Key (Read my Review)

Cole Tillie- A Veil of Vines (Read my Review)

Crownover Jay- Retreat (Read my Review)

Connor Claudia- Worth The Wait (Read my Review)

Cole Scarlett- Jordan Reclaimed (Read my Review)

Cosway L.H. – Crossy My Heart (Read my Review)

Crownover Jay- Riveted (Read my Review)

Chase Emma- Royally Matched (Read my Review)

Cole Tillie- Riot (Read my Review)

Crownover Jay- Avenged (Read my Review)

Callihan Kristen- The Hot Shot (Read my Review)

Cherry Brittainy C. – The Gravity of Us (Read my Review)

Cole Tillie- Damnable Grace (Read my Review)

Cole Tillie- I do, babe (Read my Review)

Crownover Jay- Salvaged (Read my Review)

Chase Emma – Royally Endowed (Read my Review)

Cole Tillie- Sick Fux (Read my Review)

Crownover Jay- Dignity (Read my Review)

Cole Scarlett – Final Siege (Read my Review)

Cole Scarlett – Nikan Rebuilt (Read my Review)

Cherry Brittainy C.- Behind the Bars (Read my Review)

Crownover Jay- Shelter (Read my Review)

Crownover Jay- Escape (Read my Review)

Crownover Jay – Recovered (Read my Review)

Cole Scarlett- Lennon Reborn (Read my Review)

Chase Emma- Getting Schooled (Read my Review) 

Callihan Kristen – Fall (Read my Review) 

Chase Emma- Royally Yours (Read my Review) 

Cherry Brittainy C. – Eleanor & Gret (Read my Review) 

Corinne Michaels & Harlow Melanie- Imperfect Match (Read my Review)

Cherry Brittainy C. – Landon & Shay : Part One (Read my Review) 

Cherry Brittainy C.- Landon & Shay: Part Two (Read my Review) 

Callihan Kristen & Young Samantha- Outmatched (Read my Review)

Callihan Kristen- Dear Enemy (Read my Review) 

Cherry Brittainy- Southern Storms (Read my Review) 

Chase Emma- Dirty Charmer (Read my Review) 

Cherry Brittainy- The Wreckage of Us (Read my Review) 

Cole Scarlett- The Sweetest Gift (Read my Review) 

  • D

Daniels J.- Four letter word (Read my Review)

Daniels J.- Hit the Spot (Read my Review)

Douglas Penelope- Next To Never (Read my Review)

Demeter Rachel L. – Beauty of the Beast (Read my Review)

Daws Amy- Endurance (Read my Review)

Darhower J.M. – Ghosted (Read my Review)

Dare Tessa- The Duchess Deal (Read my Review)

Daniels J.- So Much More (Read my Review)

Douglas Penelope – Hideaway (Read my Review)

Dallas Harper- Ride (Read my Review)

Dare Tessa- The Wallflower Wager (Read my Review)

Daniels J. – Down Too Deep (Read my Review)  

  • E

Evans Katy- Mr. President (Read my Review)

Ehemann Beth- A Cranberry Inn Christmas  (Read my Review)

Evans Katy-  Womanizer (Read my Review)

Easton B.B. –  Praying for Rain (Read my Review) 

  • F

Frazier T.M. – Preppy (Read my Review)

Fiore L.A.- Collecting the Pieces (Read my Review)

Foster Melissa- Tru Blue (Read my Review)

Fiore L.A. –  Devil You Know (Read my Review)

Foster Melissa- Truly, Madly, Whiskey (Read my Review)

Fiore L.A. – Elusive (Read my Review)

Fiore L.A. – Savage (Read my Review)

Fiore L.A. – Our Unscripted Story (Read my Review)

Flynn Avery- Butterface (Read my Review)

Fiore L.A.- Demon You Love (Read my Review) 

Foster Melissa- Call Her Mine (Read my Review) 

  • G

G. Whitney- Naughty Boss (Read my Review)

Geissinger J.T- Burn For You (Read my Review)

G. Whitney- Thirty Day Boyfriend (Read my Review)

Geissinger J.T- Melt for You (Read my Review)

Geissinger J.T. – Ache for You (Read my Review) 

Grey R.S. – Hotshot Doc (Read my review) 

Geissinger J.T.- Beautifully Cruel (Read my Review) 

Grey R.S. – The Trouble with Quarterbacks (Read my Review) 

  • H

Hendrickson S.D.- My Lucky Days (Read my Review)

Halle Karina-Heat Wave (Read my Review)

Harlow Melanie- After We Fall (Read my Review)

Hebert Cambria- #Blur (Read my Review)

Harlow Melanie- If You Were Mine (Read my Review)

Higginson Rachel- The Opposite of You (Read my Review)

Harmon Amy- The Queen and the Cure (Read my Review)

Halle Karina- After All (Read my Review)

Higginson Rachel- The Difference Between Us (Read my Review)

Hebert Cambria: Amnesia and Amnesty (Read my Review)

Halle Karina- Wild Card (Read my Review)

Higginson Rachel – Constant (Read my Review)

Halle Karina- Bad at Love (Read my Review)

Halle Karina- Hot Shot ( Read my Review)

Harmon Amy- The Smallest Part (Read my Review)

Higginson Rachel – Consequence (Read my Review)

Halle Karina – The Wild Heir (Read my Review)

Higginson Rachel- The Problem with Him (Read my Review)

Halle Karina- A Nordic King (Read my Review)

Hart Staci- Player (Read my Review) 

Higginson Rachel- Trailer Park Heart (Read my Review) 

Hebert Cambria- #Vacay (Read my Review)

Halle Karina- Nothing Personal (Read my Review) 

Harmon Amy- What the Wind Knows (Read my Review)

Hart Staci- Work in Progress (Read my Review) 

Higginson Rachel- The Something About Her (Read my Review) 

Harlow Melanie- Irresistible (Read my Review) 

Harlow Melanie- Undeniable (Read my Review) 

Hoang Helen – The Bride Test (Read my Review) 

Harmon Amy- The First Girl Child (Read my Review) 

Hart Staci- Coming Up Roses (Read my Review) 

Harlow Melanie- Insatiable (Read my Review) 

Hart Staci- Gilded Lily (Read my Review) 

Harlow Melanie- Unbreakable (Read my Review) 

Harlow Melanie- Unforgettable (Read my Review) 

Hogle Sarah- You Deserve Each Other (Read my Review) 

Hart Staci- Star Bright (Read my Review) 

Harlow Melanie- Drive Me Wild (Read my Review) 

Hebert Cambria- Ivory White (Read my Review) 

Hunting H.- Little Lies (Read my Review) 

Harlow Melanie- Make Me Yours (Read my Review) 

  • I
  • J

Johnson Julie- The Monday Girl (Read my Review)

Jackson A.L.- Stay (Read my Review)

Johnson Julie- The Someday Girl (Read my Review)

Jackson A.L. – Stand (Read my Review)

Jackson A.L. – Red Hot Pursuit (Part of Glamour) (Read my Review)

Jackson A.L. – Show Me the Way (Read my Review)

Jackson A.L. – Follow Me Back (Read my Review)

Jackson A.L. and Shea Rebecca- One Wild Night (Read my Review)

Jackson A.L. – More of You (Read my Review)

Jackson A.L. & Shea Rebecca – One Wild Ride ( Read my Review) 

Jackson A.L. – All of Me (Read my Review) 

Jackson A.L. – Pieces of Us (Read my Review) 

Jackson A.L. – Hold on to Hope (Read my Review) 

Jackson A.L. – Kiss the Stars (Read my Review) 

Jackson A.L.- Catch Me When I Fall (Read my Review) 

Jackson A.L.- Falling into You (Read my Review) 

  • K

Kreig K.L. – Black Swan Affair (Read my Review)

Kaye Laura-Bound to Submit (Read my Review)

Kage Linda- Consolation Prize (Read my Review)

Knight Amie- See Through Heart (Read my Review)

Keeland Vi- Egomaniac (Read my Review)

Kaye Laura- Mastering Her Senses (Read my Review)

Kleypas Lisa- Devil in Spring (Read my Review)

Kreig K.L. – Lost in Between (Read my Review)

Kreig K.L. – Found Underneath (Read my Review)

Kage Linda- Monster Among the Roses (Read my Review)

Kaye Laura- Ride Wild (Read my Review)

Keeland Vi – Sex, Not Love (Read my Review)

Kage Linda- Kissing the Boss (Read my Review)

Kleypas Lisa- Hello Stranger (Read my Review)

Kaye Laura- Ride Dirty (Read my Review)

Kaye Laura- Fighting for Everything (Read my Review)

Keeland Vi- The Naked Truth (Read my Review)

Kennedy Elle- The Risk (Read my Review) 

Kleypas Lisa- The Devil’s Daughter (Read my Review) 

Kaye Laura- Worth Fighting For (Read my Review) 

Kay Adams Lyssa- The Bromance book club (Read my Review)

Kleypas Lisa- Chasing Cassandra (Read my Review) 

  • L

Leighton M. – Levi’s Blue (Read My Review)

Lynn K.C. – Sweet Haven (Read My Review) 

Locke Adriana- Written in the Scars (Read my Review)

Lynn K.C.- An Act of Courage (Read my Review)

Lynn K.C.- Fighting with Honor (Read my Review)

Lynn K.C. – Cockloft (Read my Review)

Lauren Christina- Roomies (Read my Review)

Loren Roni- The Ones Who Got Away (Read my Review)

Lynn K.C. – Justice (Read my Review)

Loren Roni- The One You Can’t Forget (Read my Review)

Lynn K.C. – Ultimate Sacrifice (Read my Review)

Lauren Christina- Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating (Read my Review)

Loren Roni- The One You Fight For (Read my Review) 

Loren Roni- The One for You (Read my Review) 

Loren Roni- Yes & I love You (Read my Review) 

  • M

Martinez Aly – The Retrieval Duet (Read my Review)

Michele Beth– Chasing The High (Read my Review)

McLean Jay- Lucas (Read my Review)

Michaels Corinne- Say You Want me (Read my Review)

Martinez Aly- Singe (Read my Review)

Michele Beth- Behind His Lens (Read my Review)

Martin Lex and McAdam Leslie- All about the D (Read my Review)

McLean Jay- Darkness Matters (Read my Review)

Martinez Aly- The Darkest Sunrise (Read my Review)

Martinez Aly- The Brightest Sunset (Read my Review)

McLean Jay- Logan (Read my Review)

Martin Lex- Reckless (Read my Review)

Michaels Corinne – Not Until You (Read my Review) 

Martin Lex & McAdam Leslie- Surprise, Baby (Read my Review) 

Maise Ella- Marriage for One (Read my Review) 

Martinez Aly- The Regret Duet (Read my Review) 

Michaels Corinne- The Indefinite Duet (Read my Review) 

Martinez Aly- Release (Read my Review) 

Martin Lex- Breathless (Read my Review) 

Martin Aly & Mabie M. – When The TIme is Right (Read my Review) 

  • N

Ney Sara- How to Date a Douchebag (Read my Review)

Ney Sara- How to Date a Douchebag: The Failing Hours (Read my Review)

Ney Sara- How to Date a Douchebag: The Learning Hours (Read my Review)

Ney Sara- How to Date a Douchebag: The Coaching Hours (Read my Review)

Ney Sara- Jock Row (Read my Review)

Ney Sara- Jock Rule (Read my Review) 

Nash Willa- The Bribe (Read my Review) 

  • O

O’Leary Beth- The Flatshare (Read my Review) 

O’Roark Elizabeth- The Parallel Series (Read my Review) 

  • P

Probst Jennifer- Searching for Disaster (Read my Review) 

Perry Devney- The Copper Smith Farm House (Read my Review)

Prescott R.J. – The Storm (Read my Review)

Park Jessica- 180 Seconds (Read my Review)

Perry Devney- The Clover Chapel (Read my Review)

Paige Laurelin and Simone Sierra – Hot Cop (Read my Review) 

Perry Devney- The Lucky Heart (Read my Review)

Poe Juliette- Barking Up the Wrong Tree (Read my Review)

Perry Devney- The Outpost (Read my Review)

Perry Devney- The Bitterroot Inn (Read my Review)

Prescott R.J.- City Under Siege (Read my Review)

Probst Jennifer- The Marriage Arrangement (Read my Review) 

Parker Lucy – Making Up (Read my Review) 

Perry Devney- Tattered (Read my Review)

Perry Devney – Timid (Read my Review)

Perry Devney- Tragic (Read my Review) 

Perry Devney- Tinsel (Read my Review) 

Perry Devney- Letters to Molly (Read my Review) 

Perry Devney- The Candle Palace (Read my Review)

Perry Devney- Gypsy King (Read my Review) 

Prescott R.J. – The Fire (Read my Review) 

Perry Devney- Riven Knight (Read my Review) 

Perry Devney-  Runaway Road (Read my Review) 

Perry Devney- Stone Princess (Read my Review) 

Perry Devney- Wild Highway (Read my Review) 

Perry Devney-  Quarter Miles (Read my Review) 

Perry Devney- Rifts and Refrains (Read my Review) 

Perry Devney- Noble Prince (Read my Review)

Perry Devney- Forsaken Trail (Read my Review) 

  • Q

Quinn Meghan- Three Blind Dates (Read my Review)

  • R

Reid Penny- Beard Science (Read my Review)

Regnery Katy – J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis (Read my Review)

Reynolds Aurora Rose- Until Ashlyn (Read my Review)

Rendell Nicola- Hail Mary (Read my Review)

Ritchie Krista and Becca- Infini (Read my Review)

Regnery Katy- Don’t Speak (Read my Review)

Reisz Tiffany – The Night Mark (Read my Review)

Reid Penny- Dating-ish (Read my Review)

Regnery Katy- Shear Heaven (Read my Review)

Reid Penny- Beard in Mind (Read my Review)

Rendell Nicola- So Good (Read my Review)

Regnery Katy- Unloved (Read my Review)

Ritchie Krista and Becca – Damaged Like Us & Lovers Like Us (Read my Review)

Ritchie Krista and Becca- Alphas Like Us (Read my Review)

Regnery Katy- Smiling Irish (Read my Review)

Ryan Kennedy- Long Shot (Read my Review)

Rendell Nicola- Shimmy Bang Sparkle (Read my Review)

Read Calia- The Surviving Trace( Read my Review)

Reid Penny & Cosway LH – The Varlet and the Voyeur (Read my Review)

Regnery Katy- Catching Irish (Read my Review)

Regnery Katy- Fragments of Ash (Read my Review)

Read Calia- The Reigning and the Rule (Read my Review) 

Ritchie Krista  & Becca- Tangled Like Us (Read my Review)

Reid Penny- Motion (Read my Review)

Regnery Katy- Arrange Me (Read my Review) 

Ryan Kennedy- Hook Shot (Read my Review) 

Read Calia- Echoes of Time (Read my Review)

Ritchie Becca & Krista – Headstrong Like Us (Read my Review) 

Read Calia- King of South (Read my Review) 

Reid Stacy- Her Wicked Marquess (Read my Review) 

  • S

Scott Ginger- Hold my Breath (Read my Review)

Shen L.J.- Vicious (Read my Review)

Shen L.J.- Defy (Read my Review)

Stewart Kate- The Brave Line (Read my Review)

Scott Emma – The Butterfly Project (Read my Review)

Scott Emma- Sugar & Gold (Read my Review)

Singh Nalini- Silver Silence (Read my Review)

Sheridan Mia- Most of All You (Read my Review)

Scott Emma- Forever Right Now (Read my Review)

Sloane Nikki- The Rivalry (New Review)

Sheridan Mia- Seek (Read my Review)

Shen L.J. – Midnight Blue (Read my Review)

Scott Ginger- Memphis (Read my Review)

Stewart Kate- The Real (Read my Review)

Scott Kylie- Chaser (Read my Review)

Shen L.J. – Bane (Read my Review) 

Scott Ginger- Cry Baby (Read my Review)

Sheridan Mia- More than Words (Read my Review)

Singh Nalini- Ocean Light (Read my Review) 

Scarlett R. – Filthy Gods (Read my Review)

Sorensen Karla- The Bombshell Effect (Read my Review)

Stewart Kate – Someone’s Else Ocean (Read my Review) 

Shen L.J. – Dirty Headlines (Read my Review)

Sheridan Mia- Dane’s Storm (Read my Review)

Singh Nalini- Rebel Hard (Read my Review) 

Sheridan Mia- The Wish Collector (Read my Review ) 

Shen L.J. – The Kiss Thief (Read my Review) 

Sheridan Mia- Brant’s Return (Read my Review) 

Stewart Kate- Method (Read my Review) 

Sheridan Mia- Savaged (Read my Review) 

Singh Nalini- Wolf Rain (Read my Review) 

Stewart Kate- The Guy on the Right (Read my Review) 

Stewart Kate- The Guy in the Middle (Team Player 2) (Read my Review)

Sorensen Karla- Baking Me Crazy (Read my Review) 

Sheridan Mia- Where the Truth Lives (Read my Review) 

Singh Nalini- Love Hard (Read my Review) 

Sheridan Mia- Fallen (Read my Review) 

  • T

Thorne Sally– The Hating Game (Read my Review)

Toler B.N. – To Have It All (Read my Review)

Towle Samantha- Wardrobe Malfunction (Read my Review) 

Tucker K.A. – The Simple Wild (Read my Review)

Turner Lynn- Pas De Deux – A Christmas short (Read my Review) 

Towle Samantha- River Wild (Read my Review) 

Tucker K.A. – Be the Girl (Read my Review)  

Taylor Catherine- Beyond the Moon (Read my Review) 

Tucker K.A. – Wild at Heart (Read my Review) 

Tucker K.A. – Forever Wild (Read my Review) 

  • U
  • V

Van Dyken Rachel- The Bachelor Auction (Read my Review)

  • W

Ward Penelope &Keeland Vi – Playboy Pilot (Read my Review)

Williams Nicole- Hate Story (Read my Review)

Ward Penelope &Keeland Vi – Dear Bridget, I Want You (Read my Review)

Williams Nicole- Exes with Benefits (Read my Review)

Winters Pepper – The Boy and His Ribbon (Read my Review)

Winters Pepper- The Son and His Hope (Read my Review) 

Ward Penelope – The Day He Came Back (Read my Review) 

Wynters Paris- Issued (Read my Review) 

  • X
  • Y

Young Samantha- Every Little Thing (Read my Review)

Young Samantha- Stars Over Castle Hill (Read my Review)

Young Samantha- Play On (Read my Review)

Young Samantha – Villain (Read my Review)

Young Samantha- The Fragile Ordinary (Read my Review)

Young Samantha – As Dust Dances (Read my Review) 

Young Samantha- Fight or Flight (Read my Review)

Young S. – War of Hearts (Read my Review) 

Yarros Rebecca- Great and Precious Things (Read my Review)

Young Samantha- Black Tangled Heart (Read my Review) 

Young Samantha- The Truest Thing (Read my Review) 

Yarros Rebecca-  The Reality of Everything (Read my Review) 

Yarros Rebecca- Muses & Melodies (Read my Review) 

Young S. – Bound by Forever (Read my Review) 

Young Samantha- Much Ado About You (Read my Review) 

  • Z

Zapata Mariana- Wait for It (Read my Review)

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