New Review- The Brightest Sunset by Aly Martinez

Heartbreaking, emotional, gripping, healing… These are the words that mostly come to my mind after reading this duet. Aly Martinez left us with one of the most shocking cliffhangers after “The Darkest Sunrise” and concludes her story with one raw end!

Porter and Charlotte have lived sorrow, guilt, regrets, hope, love and more obstacles are here to darken their souls. This story starts with a bang leaving this couple into a pile of problems but in its core there is compassion, understanding and love.

I really felt sorry for Porter. This is such a different character from the usual alpha heroes. This is a man in pain, trying to hold his family together and at the same time not losing his relationship with Charlotte. He is a hero that shows his fears, his doubts and will do any sacrifice for his family’s happiness. His story is so haunting and all that happens in the beginning will break you!

Charlotte on the other hand shows another part of herself in this book. She is not lost or cold like in book one. In this book she finds her courage and her voice. She finally starts to fight back for love and Porter.

Their story is almost tragic and I didn’t know how they could overcome all these heart wrenching situations but in the end everything worked out.  This is a couple that shares their burdens and when one feels low the other is there for support, something I loved!

Also, I really liked the side characters. They are all multi-dimensional and it shows that there are two sides of a coin. There is not always black or white and many actions are justified in the name of love and family.

I have to admit that I didn’t love this book as much as the first one but it something that comes from my personal tastes. I love romance and I am not a girl chasing angst in books and this one is so dramatic that romance takes second place. This is a couple that works as a team but I couldn’t connect with them as I did in the first book. I loved when I saw them being emotional together but I found their sexy scenes a little anti-climactic considering their difficult circumstances.

One thing is for sure… This duet will rip you open and break you and then mend your heart back together. Aly Martinez is one of my top favorite authors because everything she writes is wonderfully crafted! There are ups and downs in this duet that will cause you a roller-coaster of emotions but in the end from darkness comes light and that will heal you and leave you excited!

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