New Review-Mr. President by Katy Evans

14523144_1269944133040356_8688975145679839185_nI want to start this review by saying that this book ends with a cliffhanger. I read it in one sitting only realizing at the end that they weren’t enough pages for my happily ever after. Sniff sniff. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed this story and I ended in investing in this couple.

Charlotte is just a little girl when she meets the son of the President. Even then, she is charmed by the young man with the warm eyes. Many years have passed and a girl’s crush has become a woman’s want. Matt is no longer a sweet boy, he is man ready to conquer the world, a man ready to become President.

Matt wants to make some changes, he does his best to win and bring what USA needs. He can accomplish that with the best team, including the young woman who is passionate and caring.

Behind the duty and the thirst for winning,there is lust and want between this couple. Charlotte will make anything to help him and he will make anything to have her at his side. They both know though that this relationship has an expiration date. His country is above all and she won’t stop him and he doesn’t want to hurt her by her coming second, if he wins.

Although this book is not about politics , their love is born in them. Living abroad , I couldn’t connect firstly with their passion and their ambition for the procedures , but when the couple started to fall in love, I rooted for them.

Matt is a man driven that wants his best for everyone, he is serious and collected and in no way arrogant. Charlotte has an excitement that only youth brings and she appears sometimes starstruck by him. Their relationship though is real and they can be themselves with each other.

Every victory though has its price and they have to choose what will be left behind. Is it going to be love or duty that will win in the end? That remains to be seen in the next book, Commander In Chief that will come out soon.


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