New Review-Heat Wave by Karina Halle

51k9cpj5agl-_sy346_Karina Halle once again managed to give us a forbidden love set into paradise.

Veronica has been enchanted by Logan from the start. She just knew he was the man for her but unfortunately, fate had other plans. Logan saw the younger girl , but fell for the image of her sister, Juliet.

After the loss of her sister, after seven years, she finds herself to the Kauai island and the hotel Logan owns. She hates him but wants him too. She is scared to get close to him but cannot help herself.

Logan on the other hand, has lived with his grief and he is a shadow of himself. He is gruff, a beast of a man, until he sees again the girl that has stolen his thoughts from the beginning. Juliet might have been his choice as a wife, but his heart said that he chose the wrong sister.

I loved how much Logan changed throughout the book. Love made him softer, it made him find his smile and hope again. It was obvious from the beginning that he wanted Veronica and though he kept his distance, he finally claimed her. There was a wildness in his spirit that was connected to the island. He was beautiful and scary like the placed he lived on.

Veronica on the other hand has a lot of fear in her heart. Having being hurt by her family and their expectations, she is quicker to judge but soon she finds that things are not always what they seem. She has insecurities and the ghost of her sister is haunting her but their attraction is bigger than her guilt.

Their love is born in this island and as always this author succeeds making you fall in love not only with the couple but the place too. There is this phrase that says that if you want to travel, open a book and Karina follows this to her heart. Her descriptions of the place are magical, they just transfer you there.

Will their love in this idyllic place overcome their fears and their guilt or the ghost of their past and the unknown promise of tomorrow will tear them apart?

You only have to read this book to get all the answers!


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