New Review- The Player by Claire Contreras

51snuuy2xalAfter starting this book blindly, I was expecting the classic story of the playboy soccer player and his love interest, but The Player surely took me by surprise.

Claire Contreras wrote a story with humor, lust and want that turned into  deep love.

Camila is a woman shy, introvert, who rarely speaks her mind loudly. When she is forced to leave her home, as it will be demolished,she goes against the rich who want to destroy her and her community. She finds though an unexpected ally who wants to help her and conquer her.

Warren is one of the best football players in Europe. When he is forced to come back to New York for family matters, he is enchanted by the timid beautiful woman. He wants her and he is not used to take no for an answer, but Camila surprises him by her reluctance. For her, money and fame doesn’t count and for him, that makes her different.

Camila finds herself tempted by him and Warren learns that life has more to offer than material things. They both know that Warren will eventually have to go back to England but they dive deep into their relationship. They have fun, they get to know each other, they go out on special dates that bring them closer.

I loved how Warren showed a different side of him to Camila. He wasn’t afraid to show her his want but also his feelings. He is a decent man and though he is depicted as a player back home, in the story we never see this side of him. What I admired most of Camila was her gold heart and her attitude towards her friends, her family and the community. She forgives but she doesn’t forget. She is the bigger person, who chooses to leave the hurt behind.

I have to say that I expected the twist that caused their problems but it didn’t matter, because I understood their pain and their reunion was sweet. You can totally feel the love between them.

If you expect a player, don’t. The only thing played in this story is our heart, as we get to fall in love with the couple and their journey to their happiness.


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