Bound to Submit by Laura Kaye

51qdb10oeklLaura Kaye starts a new series with a bang. She dares to go into the uncharted waters of dominance and BDSM and she does it successfully. It’s not about the mysterious rich guy and the innocent girl, but it’s a story of healing and love.

Five years ago, Kenna declared her love to Griffin,a Dom in her sex club and he rejected her. He was not ready for a committed relationship. Hating her job, she lists as a Marine and goes to war. After these years and a great tragedy, she is back feeling lost and in pain. When she doesn’t know what else to do to alleviate her hurt, she goes back to Blasphemy, the BDSM club. She is prepared to lose herself in bondage and submission without giving her heart again.

Griffin had made the worst mistake. He left the only woman he loves to get away. When he sees her again in the club, he can’t believe his eyes. When she asks to submit to him, he starts to hope again for a second chance. What he finds though isn’t what he remembered. Lost is the woman he loves. He finds her broken, a little detached, guarded.

Through bondage, they build their relationship again. Kenna has to live behind the guilt and Griffin has to own his mistake of leaving her. Slowly they trust each other again and Griffin supports her in her difficult journey of recovery.

Although, there are sex scenes in the club and outside of it and it’s an erotic story, I found amazing that they worked as a background of their bonding. Bondage is a means to their love and their healing. It’s more about them as a couple and less as a sexual act.

With many Doms in this club, Laura promises many great sexy love stories to come. Don’t be afraid to try them, it’s all about love.


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