New Review- Lucas by Jay Mclean

51lgro9ymblIf you have loved this author’s work before, then you have to read this book. Jay McLean has a way of making us laugh and cry at the same time. You find yourself holding your tears and you can’t contain your smiles with her writing and this book, Lucas has this impact on us.

I was so happy to go back to the Preston family with all these kids and the crazy mayhem they do. After reading More Than Forever, I was so excited to read about Lucas, the oldest son.

Lucas is a boy responsible, focused, organized. He loves running and taking care of his brothers. He is always there for them and I admired how much he contributed to this family. When he met Laney as a kid, he found her fascinating and he was interested from the start.

Laney is a girl with a beautiful soul. She has an innocence in her and she fits right in the Preston family. When she met Lucas, she found this boy cute and wanted to be close to him.

They are in love with each other from the beginning, but being best friends is not the same with being in relationship. With their ups and their downs, we are taken on a journey full of laughter, pain, hurt and mostly love. They have a bond beyond friendship and no matter what they are going through, they are connected through their souls. Their hearts beat on the same rhythm.

This author manages to include into the story goofy moments that will make you laugh out loud, moments that will make your heart hurt and moments with words of wisdom and love that will make you sigh. The surest thing is that this book will make you feel. I can’t get enough of this family and I can’t wait to see what stories this author will create for each character. I loved this book but I am in love more with  the Prestons.


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