New Review- Keepsake by Sarina Bowen

51opay8mnolIf you want a sweet story  with no angst and no unnecessary drama that warms your heart, then Keepsake by Sarina Bowen is the perfect book for you!

We, romance readers, usually crave the bad boys that light us up immediately and make our heart race.In this story, Sarina changes all the facts, making us love the shy virgin man that is good in his core. We have met Zach on the previous books of this series and I know how curious we all were about the silent man.

Zach is a man that knows nothing about modern life. Since he was born, he had lived in an isolated community with hard rules. After they punished him by making him leave on the age of 19 , he has started to live real life on Shipley’s farm. Being there for four years, he works hard, he wants to please those who gave him a chance and he lives a quiet life… until he crosses paths with the beautiful girl, Lark. For the first time, he wants something more than work. He wants a taste of this sexy girl.

Lark was a girl full of life,fearless , a risk taker. When she was kidnapped at her job in Guatemala, she came back broken. When her best friend, May Shipley, invites her in Vermont for apple-picking season, she finds the perfect escape. Fear though can chase you wherever you are. Zach becomes her support, the man that chases her nightmares away, someone to lean on.

I have to say Zach is the most amazing male character. He is caring, attentive,respectful and so hardworking. I admired that the author gave him a quiet strength and I loved that he was not afraid to express his feelings. Sarina made us understand his fears and his insecurities and his need to love and to be loved. It is one of those men that you want to hug and at the same time kiss senseless.

Lark on the other hand is a girl full of contradictions. She has a loud personality but it’s subdued by the hurt she has suffered. We see glimpses of her full of life attitude but her troubles make her vulnerable. She tries to overcome the images that hunt her but they stay hidden into her soul. She is like a bomb ready to explode. I liked that she opened herself to Zach and how much she found comfort in him.

This was not an explosive relationship. The little touches, the secret smiles, the whispered words were my favorite parts of them. There was a calmness in their love , without the passion missing.

This is a promising series full of interesting characters that we want to know more about. The most attractive side of these books is that every time the hero and the heroine share their love with their friends and families. There are difficulties but in their journey of falling in love, there is unconditional support and friendship, something that makes this series extra special! Loved this book and I expect more books with anticipation!


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