New Review- Blackwood by Celia Aaron

I don’t usually read dark romance, but sometimes you need something spicy and this book grabbed me from the start. If you are one of those readers that need a trigger warning, then this book is not for you. If you like though a story gripping, exciting with dark sexy scenes, then grab this!

Elise Vale is an archaeology student searching for artifacts to complete her Ph.D. Using her thesis as a cover, she enters the Blackwood Estate to reveal the biggest hidden secret; the truth about her missing father.

She cannot trust anyone but when she is forced to spend time with the hermit that owns the estate, Garrett, not only does she find the missing pieces about her father but also her sexual identity and love.

Garrett appears as a man isolated, grumpy but as the story progresses he shows his kindness and his caring personality. He might be a man with a kinky sexual appetite but that stops only there. He is protective, gentle, an intellect. He is commanding but respectful. He slows down  his want trying not to hurt Elise, but when she shows him that she accepts him as he is, then he is a hunter, a predator ready to gift her with pleasure.

Elise on the other hand is a girl determined to unravel the truth. She is a survivor and nothing will stand in her way. She is fearless and strong and her need for finding her father makes her a true fighter. She is courageous and smart but sometimes reckless.

This is a suspenseful erotic thriller filled with mystery and fast paced action. The dark aura that surrounds the estate will leave you with a heart beating fast and turning the pages quickly. The twists and turns will captivate you and the sex scenes will make you edgy. Celia Aaron did an amazing job blending an engaging suspenseful storyline with the erotic awakening of the couple.

If you love intriguing, alluring,erotic, adventurous thrillers that will leave you hot and at the edge of your seat, then try this story!

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