New Review- #Blur by Cambria Hebert

As I  have read all the books in the # series , I wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries reading another m/m romance, because these characters feel like friends. When you have a friend you are anxious to learn more about them and the broken man Arrow made me curious to know his story.

Cambria Hebert is not scared to discuss difficult matters and Arrow’s and Hopper’s story is so heartbreaking. In a world full of difference, she shows the racism, the hate but also the love and the acceptance.

Arrow is a boy homosexual and hurt by his father and the community in the worst way. He is shattered, guarded, untrusting. He is hiding in isolation waiting to be found by someone ready to accept him as he is. He feels scared and trapped until Hopper pushes him to stand for himself.

Hopper is a man haunted by the ghost of his past. He cannot move on when his mind is back to his previous life. When he meets Arrow, he is intrigued by the lonely man, but he doesn’t know if he wants to push him away or pull him close.

I loved both characters. Arrow is innocent but beneath his fears, there is a will of steel. He is courageous giving his trust and his heart, although he is traumatized. Hopper is protective and caring and it’s surprising how much he empathized with Arrow’s pain.

They are both broken and afraid that they will cut each other with their jaded edges, but together they move forward. Their love is tender with their first kisses and careful touches and I loved how much respectful they are of each other. The sex scenes are tantalizing and explicit but based on love.

This author manages to write heartbreaking stories that make you cry in the beginning but in the end you smile knowing that love is bigger and more important. I don’t know what’s coming next but I will surely miss this world of this united family.

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