New Review- Full Package by Lauren Blakely

2 cups of love  , 1 cup of friendship and a teaspoon of laughter makes this recipe truly successful!

Chase is a doctor searching desperately for a house to live, but all his plans have tanked. When his best friend Josie suggests being roommates, it’s the best solution. Can they live together and not ruin their friendship or is the temptation too great?!

Lauren Blakely wrote a fantastic, humorous story with a couple so adorable and perfect for each other!

Chase is a man steady, reliable and caring. He believes that he can compartmentalize his feelings and forget t his instincts that tell him to kiss , touch and take to bed his best friend.  I adored how much in love he is from the start with Josie and he doesn’t want to lose her and will do anything for her. She has won his heart, she owns him and when she gives him a chance to be his, he grabs it and never wants to let go.

Josie is bright and outgoing. Friendly and happy and her profession as a baker makes her even sweeter. She has an upbeat attitude that I loved and her recipes throughout the book are delicious and show all her emotions.

Their relationship is so cute. They are funny, they have the same interests and without their knowing they behave like boyfriend and girlfriend. Don’t think that because they are friends that there is no lust! Their want and heat are off the charts. I loved their insecurities and how much they care to not lose each other. I loved that this author doesn’t make them suffer. They have the fear of losing their friendship, but there is not unnecessary drama.

Lauren Blakely knows to write the male point of view so amazingly and Dr. McHottie is one of the most perfect male heroes.

I really like this series and I believe that this one is so far my favorite! I cannot wait to read the next story about Chase’s brother and his sexy competitor!

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