Vicious by L.J. Shen

Love and hate, flames and ice, pink and black. This is a story with blurred lines, mixed emotions twisted together and two characters totally different that complete each other.

Vicious has wealth, power, status but not the thing that matters the most; love. Having being hurt by his family, he is a man cynical, realist with a cold, dark soul. He is haunted by his past and driven by revenge, so he has no place in his heart for the spirited colorful girl. She is not cruel, she is not selfish or anything that is his essence of his being and that makes him hate her.

Emilia is a kind, polite, agreeable girl that wants her best for her and her family. She will do any sacrifice for her ill sister, even if that means becoming a toy for the uninterested , detached man.

I loved Vicious. He is a man broken, troubled and though he appears cold, it’s a like ice that’s burning. He uses his indifference to hide the struggle inside him and his obsession with Emilia is strong throughout the book. His want and his crave for her never stops and I adored how much he stays true to himself until the end. He loves and hates her and his passion is only for her.

Emilia is a girl with a life hard but not bad. I loved that she remained gentle and all the obstacles of her life didn’t turn her into a woman scorned. She is indifferent to his power, something that disarmed him.

Their relationship is like an inferno. They burn for each other. Their love ruins them and revives them. Their electricity is tantalizing and their reality is better than the fantasy. Not once did I doubt they were perfect for each other.

The author promises great upcoming books with the secondary characters and I can’t wait!

Love and hate are so close in this story, but for me it’s love all the way with this book!

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