New Review- Retreat by Jay Crownover

I am one of those people that when I love an author, I remain loyal to her words. Jay Crownover is one of top writers and she took a risk that hooked me from the start and not once did I hesitate to read this story about cowboys.

Leo is a woman street-savvy and independent that has lost her way from a bad breakup. The betrayal of her ex has made her feel foolish and scorned, forcing her to build walls around her heart. She has always had a temper and a sharp tongue but now enough is enough. Her best friend wants to wrestle her back on track, so she suggests a trip to Wyoming where Cy and his cowboys brothers live.

Cy is a man growling, scowling and gruff. He rarely likes people but his family ranch makes him interact with annoying little girls with razor-sharp tongues. When he is forced to be the tour guide in the wilderness to this woman and a group of strangers, all is permitted in love and war.

I really liked Leo and her overt honesty. She begins as a miserable, depressed woman and soon becomes a woman that takes her own fate in her hands. She has a rebellious temper that hides a battered heart and her going toe to toe with Cy is really entertaining. She might appear as defensive and distrustful, but circumstances show a woman strong and reliable.

Cy is a man brooding with a mix of hardness and softness. He is difficult to smile but when he finds Leo, his “sunshine”,  he feels unsettled and ready to challenge her. He is commanding and I loved how he gives back Leo’s self-esteem and makes her more confident.

As for their relationship, she is a distraction he doesn’t expect but neither can resist to this wild attraction. Leo doesn’t want a man to hurt her again and he doesn’t want a city girl that will leave him behind but soon they realize they can depend on each other.

If you thought that Jay would take a risk writing this book forgetting her true talent in fast paced stories, then you are in for a treat. This story begins a little slower and you might wonder about this world of cowboys, but the adventure soon picks up and all hell breaks loose. This has suspense with thrilling, exciting and sometimes scary moments and it is full of action and danger.

As always, Jay writes beautifully crafted secondary characters leaving you wanting more and anxious about what it is written on their fate.

If by any chance you were afraid to read this book as it appeared different than this author’s style, think again! Pick this story up and let your mind race to an unforgettable trip!

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