New Review- Jordan Reclaimed by Scarlett Cole

I thought that nothing could compete with the love I had for “The Strongest Steel” written by this author but I was so wrong! “Jordan Reclaimed” is just as amazing and magical!

This series is about a heavy metal group, Preload, introduced in Second Circle Tattoos and the first book is about Jordan, the bassist player.

Jordan is a boy hidden in a man’s body. His life has been so hard filled with abuse, neglect and loneliness. Every day is a struggle for him full of fear and anxiety. Only his band can relax him and when things start to change, he is ready to panic. When he roams the streets of Toronto feeling the cold in his body and his heart, a girl gives him the show of his life.

Aleksandra or “Lexi” is a ballerina. She lives and breathes the ballet under the strict instructions of her father. She is slowly drowning in her self-doubts and her father’s criticism and abuse. When a huge man watches her rehearsing, she finds herself pouring all her emotions and hurt and they instantly connect.

Jordan is afraid to start a relationship buried under his past and Lexi is fighting her mind’s struggles, but the attraction is so strong! Slowly but steadily, they trust each other unloading their demons and finding a safe haven between them.

I really liked Lexi. She is playful, kind and caring. She is not afraid to express her feelings to Jordan and I truly connected with her problems about her body issues. There is not a woman who has not struggled with her self-worth and it is so easy to feel connected with her.

Jordan is the best element of this story. He stole my heart with his fears about not failing her. He might appear scared, gruff and closed off but in reality he has a gold heart ready to love. He runs away from his troubles many times but I always forgave him as did Lexi, because his struggle is real.

Their relationship is sweet but hot. There is innocence in them as it is the first real relationship they both have and they are so good to each other. There is not much angst and there is honesty and respect. They are both a little broken but together they work. He is the darkness and she is the light but there is this balance between them. She is the salvation his broken soul needs and he is the rock she can depend on.

I loved how much the whole band is there to help them. They are not just band-mates and friends. They are a true family with a great dynamic and full of support.

Scarlett Cole wrote a fantastic book with an adorable but strong heroine and a sensitive male hero! It is a heartwarming and heartbreaking story that will leave you wanting more.

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