New Review- Stay by A.L. Jackson

I have read hundreds of books and I like many, many authors but if someone asked me my favorites, A.L. Jackson would surely be on my list! This book enchanted me from the start and I have to admit one thing. These days the author has a read- along and I have been following along chapter by chapter until today that I could not resist! I devoured it!!!

Ash is a man that appears to be a player, funny, flirty, larger than life. He is reckless enjoying the chaos, the nonstop women and the endless parties. Every action though has a consequence and Ash pays his dangerous ways in the most hurtful way until a beautiful girl saves him.

Willow is a girl isolated and lonely. She has lost many people in her life and she doesn’t want to get hurt again. She is devoted in her work until she finds a fallen man in her yard.

She has to save him and he has the need to pay her back. One awful night will bind them together for eternity connecting them in the deepest level.

Willow is a strong girl but with an innocence in her. She has been given a painful life with loss and sorrow but she has not given up her dreams. I respect and admire that she stays true to herself and little by little she is not afraid to ask what she wants.

Ash appears to be the easygoing member of the rock band. He is always joking and playing, but this author has the best treat for us. He hides so many layers behind this image. He is vulnerable, regretful and so scared to truly love and live. He uses the jokes and his playful ways for protecting his heart.

Their relationship is sweet and hot! Ash might want to pretend that he is in a temporary affair with the lovely Willow, but the man is romantic at heart. He is supportive, caring and soulful. The scenes between them ooze romance, love and connection. They are truly bonded by fate. Willow helps him trust love again and he helps her step out of her comfort zone.

As for the writing, it is flawless. A.L. Jackson writes masterfully giving us a story of love that is magical. It is like lyrics of a song that will take your heart and your imagination on a journey full of feelings. I have to say that her words are so descriptive that are almost cinematic. It is like you can see the scenes playing in front of your mind.

This author succeeds as always to get you emotional but somehow heal you when you finish the story. The epilogue is so hopeful and it is a book that will definitely STAY in your heart and in your mind for a long time.

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