New Review- Next To Never by Penelope Douglas

I will start this review saying that I usually like novellas but I don’t love them, as often there is not enough time for the progression of the story. Penelope Douglas kept shouting that this is a short story and it is not Quinn’s full book. Why am I saying all these? Because simply this book surpassed every expectation and I LOVED it as much as this author’s other books.

Quinn has always followed the rules . She has after all two overprotective brothers, Jared and Madoc, and one hovering father, Jason. When her heart is captured by a family friend, Lucas,  who is older and more sophisticated, she is afraid to push the limits, until one anonymous book reveals her all the past.

Behind the happy family, there is a story full of pain and turmoil. As the secrets are revealed, she has to face that to be happy, you have to take risks. It is not always the safe path the right solution. You just have to spread your wings and fly, even if you might get hurt.

I loved the background story that this book was built on and I was so excited to see the other side of the coin. We get back to the past seeing things differently, making us forgive and forget the mistakes that have been done.

We get to see again our favorite couples and how their life has moved on and Penelope rolls us in the deep with their kids, promising us intriguing stories!

If you are fan of this series, then this is a must read novella! It will remind you why you love these characters and all the intense feelings will be back! What a great addition!

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