New Review- Look the Part by Jewel E. Ann

I had heard great things about Jewel E. Ann but Look the Part is the first book I read by her and I loved it!!! This was such a nice surprise with some of my favorite things in a story; a gruff hero, a sassy girl and a funny child!

Flint lost his wife ten years ago in a terrible accident and he still feels guilty. Although, he is a successful lawyer he is stuck in his past trying to raise his young son as good as he can but he is struggling. He has no room in his life for a bubbly tenant especially one who is a musical therapist who brings chaos to his structured schedule.

Ellen is ready for a change after a painful past and she will never leave another person treat her badly. She might be attracted to the sexy lawyer but she won’t be evicted from her office.

This couple especially Ellen is hilarious and their banter is delicious. I love heroes who are a little arrogant and too serious and the heroines make them feel unhinged. Although, this book is not full of sunshine it has a rom com quality that I loved.

Flint is a responsible dad but he thinks that he has no worth. Throughout the story he finds his hope and I loved how much Ellen helped him see that he deserved another chance in happiness. He is caring and loveable despite his faults. He has to overcome all these regrets and remorse and this is a slow process but in the end you see the character growth.

Ellen is such an adorable heroine. She is sweet, funny and honest to a fault. I adored her connection to Flint’s son and her job is so original and interesting.

I admire this author’s talent portraying a child with mild autism. Flint’s son, Harrison is a great addition to the story and his brilliant but blunt mind makes the story more entertaining.

This might be my first book by this author but it won’t certainly be the last. I had no expectations but this became one of my top favorite books!

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