New Review- Cry Baby by Ginger Scott

Cry Baby is the latest book written by Ginger Scott, a young adult/new adult romance that is a little heartbreaking but also hopeful.

Tristan has known all his life that his only choice is to be in a gang and do horrible things. His fate has already been decided although he hates it. He doesn’t know how to get out but the new girl makes him wish for more.

Riley knows what she wants and she is not afraid to chase her dreams.   Basketball is her passion but the antagonizing boy steals her heart.

This story is a little hard to read because it is written so realistically. You can mourn about these characters because you see they lose so much and some of their actions are driven by fear. Many of them have no choice about where their life could go and that’s sad but it’s also true.  Despite being hard, this story is romantic and sweet at its core. The journey is difficult but the characters manage to survive and thrive through love.

Riley is a stubborn, fierce and strong girl who shows understanding and care to Tristan and her loved ones. She doesn’t give up and she stays true to her goals. She is ambitious and she is not scared to take risks.

Tristan is a boy lost. He shows a brave face but underneath there is a person who wants to do the best and make something of himself. He is smart, respectful and sensitive.

Their relationship might not be a lot physical but their bond is strong. They share their worst parts and there is acceptance. There is trust and the will to move on together despite the obstacles. Their story is not romanticized and it might hurt your sensitive hearts but the end promises a better future for both of them.

Ginger Scott wrote a story genuine and depicting of a harsh reality. I am sure this author wanted to show that in the middle of darkness there can be dreams that come true and hope and love can survive.

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