New Review- The Surviving Trace by Calia Read

Captivating, thrilling, mind blowing… These are some of the words I could use to describe this book. I have to start my review saying that The Surviving Trace is part of a trilogy and that means it ends with a cliffhanger. You know how much I hate those, right?! Calia Read is a new author to me so I had no expectations but I was magnetized from the blurb and the cover. So I got it thinking I would wait until the second one would come out. Yesterday I had another book open and suddenly I was curious how this book was. I told myself that I would read only the first chapter and get back to the other one. How wrong I was! I read it in one sitting and although the ending caught my breath, I am so excited I didn’t miss this fantastic time travel romance.

Serene is happy with her life. She has a great antique shop with her best friend and an easygoing relationship with her fiance. A strange dream and an old photo of four men though disturb her peace. She feels connected to them and she becomes obsessed until she finds herself stuck to the past.

The year is 1912 and one of the four men claims is her husband… who also hates her. Serene feels lost and will do anything to get back to her life. Time passes and no solution has been found but she soon realizes that she is not so sure if she wants to go back. Etienne might have claimed her as his wife but he also has claimed her heart.

Their relationship is sexy and exciting. They start with such animosity between them but you know what they say about hate and love?! They are so close together and Etienne and Serene are the perfect example. All this banter and back and forth makes them have an explosive love affair.

Etienne is the kind of heroes that I love. He is gruff, serious but passionate. He is a man protective of the ones he loves but also of his heart but when he gives it, he is romantic and swoony. Serene is a woman fierce and sassy. I liked that she didn’t change despite of the norms of the past. The others bent to her and not her will. Also, it was great seeing that when she fell in love she was vulnerable and she would do anything for him.

This is the first time travel romance I have read and with its twists and turns my heart was beating faster and my mind was mesmerized.  Is it possible for their love to win despite time chasing them? Time will tell with the second book but grab this story to read the astounding beginning of a love that shows no bounds.

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