New Review- To Have It All by B.N. Toler

B.N. Toler has written one of my most favorite books “Where One Goes” and now she comes back with a story about fate, redemption and second chances.

Liam has lost everything. After a bad accident he loses his job, his house and his money. He is forced to live on the streets fighting for food and survival. He might be homeless, but he has not lost the most important thing; his humanity.

Max has it all. He has wealth, a rich home and everything he wants he can have. He has a disturbed soul though, making him hard , arrogant but mostly lonely. He is not ready to embrace the goods of his life.

Liam gives his life for Max but the rich man is scared to acknowledge his sacrifice, so Karma is there to change their lives and give them a lesson. Liam wakes inside Max’s body and he has to face all the bad things the cold man has done, including facing Max’s ex-wife, Waverly, and his little girl.

Liam is confused, scared but he is given a second chance in life, even if it’s only temporarily. He has always wanted a wife and kids and when he meets the angry woman and her cutest daughter, he is hooked. He might not have a right to call them his, but his gold heart can’t chase them away. He makes the right thing helping them and in the process loving them.

This is written from Liam’s and Waverly’s point of view and we are taken on a journey of forgiveness and instant connection. Waverly is deeply hurt by Max but the man she sees is not the man she knows. So she soon forgets his image and trusts his heart.

I loved Liam. He is kind, smart and confident . He has lost his way but he has his pride and a selfless heart. He has the best relationship with his sister, who is an amazing supporting character in the book and an adorable attitude towards the little girl. He learns to trust himself and find his self- worth and he is given a glimpse of a future he could have.

Waverly is a woman hurt but forgiving. I was sad to learn her story but soon she trusts again. She is strong and never gives up and she is ready to give love another chance.

Max is the villain of this book but in reality I felt sorry for him. When you don’t love yourself, you end up hurting those you care about and that only backfires. Max is the worst enemy of his own self. Can he redeem himself or is it better to be lost?

This story might have a paranormal touch, but the meaning of this book is real and raw. It is a life lesson about not wasting your life. It’s about loving yourself and those around you. It’s about respect and kindness. It’s about the wealth of the heart and not of the pocket.

If you want a story with a more emotional side than a romantic, sexual one, then you can give this a try. You will surely leave with a clearer understanding of life after finishing it and you might learn to appreciate what you have got a little bit more. It’s a book full of twists that will touch you and you will certainly not be bored. B.N. Toler is an author that surprises with her innovative thoughts and I cannot wait for more!

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