New Review- Egomaniac by Vi Keeland

I am officially swooned by this book by Vi Keeland! If you want a fun, sexy story, then Drew and Emerie will give you everything you want!

When Drew returns from his vacation, he finds a little intruder in his office. As it turns out, the redhead stranger, Emerie, has been conned into renting his office as hers. There is something irresistible to this beautiful woman, so he takes pity on her and they strike a deal. He will let her use a part of his space as a place for her couples’ counseling sessions in exchange for a little secretarial help.

As the time passes by, Drew and Emerie soon realize they are totally opposites. He is a realist, she an idealist. He divorces couples, she fixes them. He is a blunt, arrogant man and she is a kind, naïve woman. They have though something in common that is bigger and greater than their differences. Their attraction is sizzling and off the charts.

I LOVED Drew and Emerie both as a couple and individually. Drew is direct, fiercely passionate and protective. Emerie is a funny, sassy and cute girl. Their banter is so smart and the writing full of funny moments makes you turn the pages quickly. There is a pure, carnal need between them, but their friendship and the respect they have for each other steals the show.

Their story will make you laugh but soon you will find out that they both have an emotional depth, especially Drew. He surprised me with his life story and he is nothing you expect. He is a fighter for those he loves and though he doesn’t believe in commitment, he is the first to show that he can be the perfect boyfriend. He is so caring and behind the façade of an egomaniac man, he hides a man ready to have a family full of love. I cannot forget to comment his dirty mouth! This man will melt your panties with his hotness.

This has become my favorite book by Vi Keeland and it has passed all my expectations. If you want a story with great sexual chemistry,  hilarious banter between the couple and many strong feels, then this is the book for you!!!

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