New Review- Worth The Wait by Claudia Connor

I have read and loved Worth the Fall by this author , but somehow I have missed the other books until now. If you like to shed tears while reading, then this one is for you!

Nick was only 19 years old when he lost his parents leaving him with three teenagers and a baby girl. Suddenly, he was forced to be a parent and the guardian of his family. His life was full of responsibilities until he met his soulmate, Mia.

Her mixture of innocence and confidence drew him from the start and she made his life better, brighter. He possessed her heart and her body and they were perfect, when tragedy broke them apart.

Nick was lost in a dark cage of anger and guilt, locking himself in and locking her out. He closed himself to survive and he stopped seeing her no matter her efforts. Mia had no other choice but to leave him.

The years have passed but the love is still there. When Hannah, Nick’s sister, brings Mia back, they are forced to face their unresolved feelings. Nick has destroyed her and doesn’t know how to put her back together and Mia is lost in her own grief without knowing how to move past the hurt. She wants to give him another chance but she is afraid that he will devastate her again. They both feel off balance but their truth is there; their love has never died.

I loved both characters. Nick is protective, serious, determined. He stole my heart with his attitude towards his sister especially as a baby. He is so caring and feels so much responsibility for his family that he almost lost his love for them.

Mia on the other hand is a woman thoughtful, sweet, smart. She has a heart ready to love and the support she gives to Nick and his family is so great. She is a little broken but she is so gentle with everyone.

I can’t express how much heartbreaking this story is. Their feelings are raw and even the sweet moments will make you cry. This book goes back and forth between the past and the present  and I would have liked happier  moments between them. The whole story is almost painful , but not once did I doubt their love. There are not other people, drama caused by exes e.t.c. They are only them and their regret and their determination to move forward.

Another thing I loved in this book is that is family oriented. The secondary characters are so beautifully crafted that will make you crave their stories. In fact, his sister ‘s background will leave you want to read her story and lucky for us, this book is out.

This story left me with a bruised heart but I have not regretted it. The writing will touch you and the couple’s love will leave you wanting more!

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