New Review- The Retrieval Duet by Aly Martinez

51-sgxu7utl-_sx322_bo1204203200_Aly Martinez is one of my to go authors if I want exciting, fast paced stories and this duet was addictive making me turning pages until the end.
Retrieval is a second chance story about a couple that lost its way into their marriage after losing the most precious thing, their child. Sometimes it is not a happily ever after after the wedding, there are struggles that can separate one couple.
Elisabeth saw her life slipping through her fingers. Not only did she lose her child but also her husband. They had just drifted apart because their pain was insufferable. Their instant connection didn’t die though, it remained hidden simmering under their hurt.
When Roman faces some news that might change their lives, he decides to take his wife back. I loved how much determined he was to win her over and besides their pain, how vast their love was.
This story was just the beginning of a tale full of twists that made me anxious for the continuation.
Transfer picks up from the shocking cliffhanger of book one. The main focus is not only Elisabeth and Roman, but it is about a broken woman we met at Retrieval that was vital for their changes in their lives.
51a9qmw6e2l-_sy346_Clare has lived in hell for the last years and she is married to the devil;a man that abuses her physically and emotionally. Having a little girl depending on her, she can’t give up. She has to fight for their future. When an unexpected savior hels her escape, her life comes upside down.
From a disastrous marriage, she discovers her true self with the support and the love of our hero. Under the bruises there is a woman vulnerable but so strong and our hero could not be more perfect. He is caring, protective and comes with his heart open for her.
There are two couples but their lives are so entwined that it’s like you read one story. It’s all about leaving the broken parts and starting over with hearts hurt but never destroyed. It is a story about love, friendship and redemption. You will not be disappointed reading this duet.



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