New Review- The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

513reuwlumlI cannot believe that this novel is a debut for this author! I really loved it! It is a charming, cute story about enemies to lovers.

Lucy and Josh are co-workers and so different. Lucy is a quirky, sweet girl and a people pleaser and Josh is the exact opposite. Closed off, cold and much hated in the office but so clever and determined. When they apply for a better position which only one can take, their stand off escalates and it is full war. Their banter is so funny and entertaining.

Hate though is so close to love. Behind all these little battles in their office, there is a curiosity about each other and when they finally get together, they complete each other. Opposites do attract.

I loved Lucy’s positivy, you would love to be her friend but I more than loved the shy heart behind Josh’s hard exterior.This man has deep feelings and you cannot not love his shirts (you will find out what I mean) and his character.

Their relationship is more of a slow burn but there are some sexy, romantic scenes and when they bond, then they are a united front.

I would prefer if the ending was not so rushing and I would love an epilogue. What can I say? I wanted more and I was trying to find more pages.

A great start for this author and I can only wish for more amazing stories!


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